Tips for Choosing the Right Linens for Your Home*

Linens are essential for our everyday comfort. They cover our beds, tables, windows, and body in a beautifully textile fashion. When it comes to picking the right linens to do the job, there are some factors you should consider.

The coziest place in your home is likely your bed. When you have the right linens, you feel as though your bed is swaddling you in a sea of comfort. Getting the right linens for your bed can be a task if you’re not prepared. You should make a list of must-have features for any sort of bed linens you’re thinking about purchasing. The most important factors are going to be thread count, material, weave, and pattern. It’s likely that you may want to purchase multiple sets of linens to adapt to the weather changes of the season or you may just want to change up the look of your bedroom. Either way, the right linens are what’s going to make your bed feel relaxing.

The next set of linens you’re going to need to pick out for your home is curtains. Since you likely have more than one window in your home, you’re likely going to need to purchase a few different curtain sets to fit each room effectively. The color and the fabric that a curtain is constructed of will make a world of difference in how they appear in your home. It’s advisable to decide on how much light you want to be left in from the curtain and how you want the curtain to hang before you start shopping around. For example, if you’re interested in blackout curtains for your bedroom, you will need to go with a heavier fabric. If you want your curtains to fall seamlessly, you’re going to need to go with a somewhat heavy material that won’t get stuck.

Another area of your home that is going to need linens is your kitchen or dining room table. Table linens come in all shapes, sizes, materials, texture, and patterns. It’s best to start by taking measurements of your table so that you know what your minimum and maximum table dimensions are going to be. Linens are available in many different textures, such as ruffled or pleated. Depending on the look of your kitchen or dining room, you may prefer one of these textured versions over a plain linen. You also want to consider the use of the table. If the table you’re thinking about getting linens for is used multiple times a day, you want to pick a material that’s going to be super easy to clean. If the table is not used often, then you may be okay with a slightly harder to clean material as you’re not cleaning it often.

Choosing the right linens for your home can be a lengthy process if you don’t know what you are doing. Most homeowners need to worry about linens for their beds, curtains, and tables, at the bare minimum. We encourage you to use all the tips provided above to make your decisions during linen shopping quick and effective.