Soft and Comfortable Sofa for a Minimalist Living Room

The sofa is an integral part of the house that is used as a place to relax, watch television, and rest on weekends comfortably. In addition, the sofa is also used as a place to socialize. Sofa can be used as a seat by several people.

Family sitting on a couch and raising arms at home in the living ...

Therefore, many people choose to put the sofa in the living room so they do not need to buy a lot of chairs. With just one set of sofas, guests who come to your house can sit comfortably in the living room.

However, in modern times like today, many people do not use the sofa in the living room. The reason is because the size of their minimalist living room, which is considered not to have enough room to put the sofa. Though there is also a soft and comfortable sofa that you can put in a minimalist living room.

Therefore, we present several soft and comfortable sofas for a minimal guest room complete with prices and reviews. But before that, we will share knowledge about the sofa and how to care.

Get to know the type and characteristics of the sofa

In general, sofas have six types that represent and represent certain characters. First, the type of Cabriole that displays formal and beautiful impression. Second, the Lawson type that puts comfort very first. Third, the type of English Rolled Arm that is solid and prioritizes lean comfort.

Then, fourthly, Chesterfield is masculine and elegant. Fifth, the type of Camelback that is simple and stylish. And, finally, the glamorous and sleek type of Tuxedo.

In addition to relaxing, sofas can also be used as decorations that can beautify the atmosphere of the living room. This is inseparable from the character of the sofa that gives a variety of certain impressions, such as elegant, stylish, to glamorous, so that many people are very fond of it.

You can choose one of six types of sofas according to your needs. You can choose the type of Lawson to just relax. However, for those of you who want to display beauty in the living room, then you can choose the type of Tuxedo.

Therefore, when you choose a sofa, pay attention to the purpose and purpose you use it. Is the sofa only used to relax or add beauty in the living room.

Pay attention to the area of ​​the room before buying a sofa

One of the most important steps you should consider before buying a sofa is the availability of space to put the sofa. Especially for a minimalist room whose room availability is somewhat smaller than usual.

After knowing the area of ​​available space, you can just look for a sofa that has a length and width in accordance with these calculations.

Choose the right color and motif

Believe it or not, the color and motif of the sofa has a big influence on the beauty of your living room. Choose motifs and colors that you think are in harmony with the design and theme of the living room.

For example if you choose a classic theme for the living room. You should use a brown or maroon sofa. You can also add a touch of elegant classic themed sofa cushion as a complement.

Choose a sofa frame that is strong and sturdy

Sofa frame is an important component that determines the durability of the sofa. Generally the frame material used is dried real wood. Some use plywood material because the price is cheaper. Even so, its durability is not as strong as real wood.

There also have a framework of iron material. Despite having a very strong resistance, iron sofa frame tends to be difficult to shape. Therefore, sofas made of iron frames do not have many choices of models.

Choose a beautiful and comfortable sofa fabric

The comfort of a sofa is also determined by the fabric that covers it. There are two types of upholstery that are most commonly used. First, use real leather. Usually the use of this material to give the impression of a classic but still luxurious and elegant.

Second, using a cloth. The use of cloth that is cheaper than genuine leather is intended to give the sofa a casual feel.

Ensure the availability of store warranties

The presence or absence of a store warranty must be taken into consideration before you buy a sofa, especially at high prices. This is to anticipate the detrimental things after buying a sofa, such as broken or defective.

How to care for the sofa so it is more durable

To keep your living room sofa clean, comfortable and can be used for a long time, make sure you take good care of it. Here are ways you can take care of your living room couch to make it last longer and always look new:

  • Put the sofa in a place that is protected from direct sunlight so that the color does not fade quickly.
  • Frequently clean the sofa with a vacuum cleaner, especially in the corners.
  • Dry the sun help the sofa at least once a week for one hour. That way, the dust that is lodged there will disappear.
  • Use a conditioner or moisturizer to renew the oil layer on the surface of the sofa. That way, the surface of the sofa will not be easily cracked.
  • Do not wipe the stain on the sofa. It’s best to gently pat it with a wet cloth.
  • Pay attention to the materials of your sofa. Because the way to clean each ingredient is different. For example, a sofa made of wool or silk is more appropriate to be cleaned with dry cleaning rather than water.