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Human Rights Abuses During the Syrian War

The ongoing civil war in Syria is enough statement of the importance of peace in the world; otherwise people have the ability to finish another because of foolish reasons. The Syrian civil war began in the year 2011 during a series of protest that swept over sections of North Africa and Middle East. The unfortunate news is that the Syrian war hasn’t still been resolved. No person would have foreseen the war lasting so many years and claiming hundred of thousands of innocent lives. The Syrian civil war has claimed over 500,000 people so far.

The war in Syria is fought between two opposing factions namely the Syrian government or Assad regime Vs rebels. The war is complicated because both sides are supported by different nations. Today, no individual knows when the conflict will stop because more lives are getting lost. People in the world are crying the hearts out for peace to prevail in Syria.

Human rights Violations

Over 500,000 people have died as result of fighting in Syria. Millions have also been injured in the armed conflict. The situation has also left millions of people displaced, while those lucky enough have been able to escape Syria to seek asylum in other countries. It is quite depressing to find out the number of people affected by the Syrian civil war. The Syrian government is responsible for killing hundred of thousands of people. The regime that is led by Assad has also used chemical weapons (chlorine gas) causing death to thousands of people. The rebels are equally to blame for killing thousands of civilians. In a nutshell, some of international regulations of war have been broken in Syria. Kids and women has been severely injured in the Syrian conflict.

Restricting aid

Other than the number of deaths and injuries in the Syrian war, numerous aid agencies have repeatedly been blocked from reaching the people that need aid the most. By blocking these suppliers, the situation is Syria is dire because the injured cannot access urgent medical aid they badly need, while the internally displaced persons have been denied food supplies many times.

Millions of people all over Syria risk starving to death because of this conflict. The Syrian war has also caused many women to be raped. Because of the war, many volunteer doctors have been restricted;meaning they are unable to reach injured patients who require medication.

No resolution

The Syrian civil war hasn’t stopped despite many efforts from the UN and Arab league of nations. The Assad regime has refused to sit on the negotiation table saying they are not ready to talk with armed terrorist groups. The Syrian war shows no signs of ending presently. The prayer in the world over is for world leaders to unite in order to end the suffering and death of the Syrian people.

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