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How to Help out Those Diabetics in Need

Diabetics need always to keep checking on their condition. This calls for them to always have their test kits nearby. As they are looking to establish a suitable test strip brand for their use, they will buy from different suppliers, and settle for one over the rest. Those will most likely be discarded since they are not needed. The operating lifespan for these strips tends to be quite short. This means that a lot of these strips go to waste, as each diabetic tests them out. There is no other choice people have when they have too many strips for their need.

These test strips are not things you can buy for cheap. There is a large population of people with diabetes who struggle to make ends meet. They have to go through a lot just to get some to use for a whole. This has led to the presence of certain organizations who try to get these strips to them at a better price. They manage to do so by asking those who have unopened and yet to expire boxes of extra strips to sell it to them, instead of throwing them away.

Diabetics tend to stock more of the strips than they need, just in case they are in short supply. Over time, they might find that they do not need all that. Some even have regular shipments of these boxes delivered to them. The need for so many strips also tend to go down with time. Some change the type of strip they use. Then there are those times when you needed to test, such as during pregnancy, since you delivered, you no longer need to. This is how people find themselves with more strips than they need. Those boxes could help make someone else’s life easier. You will get cash in return.

There is nothing legal preventing you from selling the strips, as long as they belong to you. There are no regulations against a purchase either. Since they are yours, selling them too comes with no restrictions. This does not mean you cannot resell those clearly labeled not for resale, since you actually can. Those you can offload locally. The only restriction to a sale would be damaged, opened, broken packaging. Those past their sell by date are also not fit for resale.

There is a lot to be shared when you sell to the organizations that will then give them out for free or at a subsidized rate. Some of these organizations offer these strips to those who are less fortunate. You thus need to find one who will good for that promise. It is expected that after a long working relationship, you will be offered rates that are better than what others are getting. Make sure the reseller has integrity. You also need to discuss their shipping charges, and which party will foot the bill.

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