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There are many rehab centers which treat people who have got addicted to drugs.People who are addicted to drugs may use drugs that include cocaine which is a street drug, prescription drugs and alcohol, amphetamines and heroin.

The rehab centers has experts who offer advice on how the addicts may stop the habit.The treatment includes medication for disorders, depression and counselling which is given by experts who share their experiences with the addicts and this helps the addiction of some particular substance to be stopped.

Drug addicts are given treatment that may help them to stop the addiction and the patient is given advice on how to remain free from using drugs as well as motivation. The addicts are given advice and encouragement of stopping to use alcohol or any of the drugs they had been using but should instead try and change their habits which may have put them into that predicament initially.

Those who are addicted to alcohol are advised that they should have total abstention instead of striving in moderation because this may make one to relapse. It is good to try not to go back to friends or people who are still using drugs because there are chances or relapsing.

The rehab centers include out-patient or out-patient, medicare care, mental health, addiction counselling, sober and recovery houses, extended care centers and local support groups. There are some rehab centers that are meant for gender and age specific programs and the treatment of drugs abuse which are effective requires the patient to have multiple methods of treating the addiction alone.

The treatment should also address issues of mental and medical health as well as options of follow-up that include the family bases recovery methods and the help of the community.

Motivation since it is very vital as a factor of the success of the treatment and for the persons who are addicted to prescription drugs the treatment requires that they be the same as those of people addicted to some drugs that affect the brain. The recovery is divided and as a subject there are no standards that are set in which to make a recovery but it is important to get abstinence which is complete and thus the well-being of the patient becomes better.

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