Pastor Chris’ miraculous and noble footprint


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Enter the Healing School was born on December 7, 1961, in Edo, Nigeria. He is well known around the world for his philanthropic deeds, which include assisting both mentally and spiritually the sick, the poor and the dispossessed. For over three decades, he has run a ministry that has healed the sick, raised several men and women from poverty, and preached messages of hope which have been broadcasted to all nations in the world. He has also been able to assist several orphaned and needy children through his Inner City Mission Project. He is also the founder of the Future Africa Leaders Award initiative that considers educating, mentoring, and empowering the lives of bright and talented children in Africa to be future leaders.

Pastor Chris’ school of healing takes divine healing to the nations by hosting annual sessions in South Africa and Canada. Thousands of followers attend these sessions to receive their healing and miracles in faith. Other believers attend these sessions to witness the miraculous deeds that take place. Through their television program, they can reach several viewers and followers around the world, and show their miraculous healing sessions. They are also able to reach many through video testimonies, healing session reports, online magazines, and divine health audio confessions, through their website.

The divine healing power of Pastor Oyakhilome has been able to heal various health conditions in men, women, and even children. These miraculous healings have been able to cure HIV, asthma, cancers and tumors, mental conditions, walking conditions, infertility, organ failures, and sensory conditions. All these healings are carried out in front of live audiences around the world.

Many followers have been motivated by Pastor Oyakhilome through the frequent magazines that are published monthly. He has been able to inspire his followers by advising them on how to lead their lives in a more productive and positive way. He is also able to spread the gospel to his followers by writing various books which include, Gates of Zion, How to Make Your Faith Work Good, When God Visits You, How to Pray Effectively, Holy Spirit and You, Healing from Heaven, amongst others.

Through his school of healing, Pastor Oyakhilome can advise his followers on how to maintain a healthy living. He does this by offering various online articles on matters like, how to take care of your eyes, dealing with fractures, how to ensure your children are safe, how to maintain healthy feet, how to maintain personal hygiene, among others. These articles offer simple medical advice from how to deal with various health conditions to dietary steps to maintain a healthy living.

Healing the nation’s campaign has been conducted in several countries around the world. In August this year, a special training program session was organized for men and women pastors in India to discuss the importance of ministers praying for their followers. This class was organized by Pastor Anil Bansode, a minister of the Gospel who has been impacted by the works of Pastor Oyakhilome. Other inspirational talks that have been held with various followers and pastors have taken place in, Hungary, Bolivia, Fiji, the United States, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Oman, among other countries.

Pastor Chris urges people around the world to join his ministry by registering as partners. By being a partner, you will be required to contribute to the various sponsorship projects that the Healing School partakes. To be able to attend one of his ministries around the world, you are required to register for attendance. Given a large number of visitors his crusade attracts, it is advisable to register as soon as possible due to limited spaces being available.

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