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Using Social Media to Develop a Strong, Trustworthy Brand

At present, social media is used by users to connect to individuals, groups and brands. Millions of people are members of Twitter and Facebook alone indicating the potential that lies in social media. In this regard, businesses use social media to interact with clients and sell their products. Nonetheless, most starting businesses have no idea how to make the best out of this opportunity. Numerous improvements can be made to come up with a sound marketing strategy. If you are one of the stranded businesses, here is how you can use the platform to engage your followers and establish your brand.

Sharing of product demonstration videos is a recommendation. Beginner companies mainly introduce new products to clients. Therefore, you are likely to get poor results from marketing such products on social media if consumers do not know how to use them. Hence, make videos and send to YouTube and other platforms. That will enable you to reach millions of potential customers. The video should entail a description of the product and a step by step instructional on its use. You should include as much product information as you can to build the trust of customers.

You should also engage customers in building your brand if you want to increase your sales and customer loyalty. You can generate surveys and polls and ask your followers to participate. That will help you know what the clients think about your brand. You will also gain by getting customer opinions that can help you improve on your services and satisfy clients. What is more, you show customers that you value them by involving them in marketing your brand.

You should also reward your customers. That encourages them to share positive aspects about your products. For example, you can start a sharing competition where the social media users with the most product shares, likes, tweets and comments earns a discount or a gift. Such contests should he held regularly to keep users active and eager to use your products.

It is also important to display your expertise. Remember that competitors also use social media to gain competitiveness. So, you must prove to be the best. You can achieve that by distributing useful content about a product and giving clients solutions to problems that they share on social media. That way, customers feel confident enough to trust your brand name. Above all, support client initiatives that are positive. You need to identify charitable projects that your clients value and support them by raising awareness or even fundraising on behalf of the client.


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