Fresno’s Hen Pie Shop

Luckily, our associates on the Museum of Neon Art have stepped up to protect this legendary bit of Orange County history by preserving the enduring, rooster-shaped neon sign that in any other case would certainly have been so much fodder for the scrap heap. In loving tribute to La Palma, we set our sights on Fresno, CA, residence of another purveyor of pastry-certain poultry, Grandmarie’s Rooster Pie Store.

We’re very excited to host debut writer Kerri Maniscalco on tour for her brand new e book, Stalking Jack the Ripper! This YA novel is steeped in the Ripper fable, and is a wild journey of a learn. Do not take our word for it- James Patterson loves the guide a lot he selected it to kick off his new YA/kidlit imprint. It is a creepy, suspenseful, and full of ugly details that mix real historic details with an clever and forward considering heroine in the character of Audrey Rose Wadsworth. Be part of us for what looks to be a fun occasion!

Hi Robin, we stayed at a resort about 5 minute strolling distance to the Vatican, of which I can not keep in mind the identify proper now, other that it was run by monks. Nonetheless, thought the placement was phenomenal, it was quite simple, nearly naked, and the rooms had been small. We preferred staying there, but it was a really quick stay, and the value did not matter much. You may find out that Rome may be very walkable, and there are plenty of different accommodations you’ll find. Even if not so close to the Vatican, you may get there simply by strolling and/or using public transportation. There’s a nice bus system in Rome!

Do not blame the Transmission Store. In case you actually want to start blaming someone: Blame the people who put the digital solenoids below the hood to start with…and added a new series of problems. Seriously…I ain’t joking! There are numerous solenoids that control the shifts and other functions to the Tranny coming from the vehicle’s computer. In addition to, ones that control the engine, the emissions, the ignition swap, and one that even can act up in case your car’s gas cap (on some makes) isn’t secured tight enough.

I opened a sports themed store, purchased a site title and skinned the SS shop with nice graphics and so forth. I made sales and quite shortly, principally from Google searches, however overall the expertise was fouled by SS since they would randomly pull designs I had purchased in from the market with out warning leaving gaping holes in my store. I realise they should comply with copyright, but it was the shortage of even an automatic email to warn me of the holes about to appear within the site that irritated me.