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The Best Solution in Getting Your Dog to Take Their Medication

If you own a dog for quite some time, then you know how big of a challenge it is to give them their medication and be sure that they will be swallowing them for their own good. Most of the time, dogs will always know that they are being played tricks by their respective owners. Luckily, humans are smarter creatures and so they will always have some solutions in order for their dog to be taking the medicine that will be given to them.

The more difficult ways of letting your dog take their medication

Training: One way for you to ensure that your dog will be able to swallow their medication is if you have taught them to be eating any food that you give them when you give them the command of ‘eat’. There are actually some dog owners that have mastered this training of their dog that is why their dog will just consume their medication when given. The only thing that is wrong with this technique is when your dog needs to already take some medications and you still have not trained them properly to master such a command.

Force: Your last resort of letting your dog take their medication will be forcing them to eat them but then, it is just that not practical. But then as an animal lover, doing this to your dog can be very traumatic on their part and also on your part and you will just lead them to become aggressive.

Playing some tricks on your dog

Food: One way for your dog to take their medicine will be to include them inside their feeding bowl. But then, if they sense that something is not right, you may add some gravy to their food and watch the entire thing disappear.

The perfect solution to ensuring that your dog eats their medication

Disguise: This method has been shown to not just be the easiest but the best option as well when it comes to feeding your dog their meds. When you are not able to trick your dog that their meds are a treat, you can simply arrange for their meds to look like treats. This can be done by easily wrapping your med inside the food that you will feed them such as ham, turkey, cheese, and many more. You can also use soft treats that let you easily push their meds inside them. You can also buy some pet pill pockets that are specialized dog treats intended to disguise the medicine that you will give them.

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