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Cyber Security-The Gleanings From The Movie Show, ‘Mr. Robot’

For the longest time the picture and opinion of hacking we’ve been treated to by Hollywood scenes have not been the actual facts of the whole thing. The understanding of hacking from the former insinuations from the movies would get to getting you understand the business as one where one would be about the keyboards pressing and symbols from the unknown would appear on screen and that would suffice for a knowledge on hacking-not sufficient and satisfactory anyway.

For the movie-goers, this phenomena was like a portion of magic to them. It remained a mystery which only a selected few would understand.

You will find in this movie, ‘Mr. Robot’ a clearer concept of the hacking culture just as it is brought so clearly as any other trending culture in the world of technology. In as much as you may find some of the techniques used by Elliot and his cohorts unfamiliar, the words which are used t tell their actions are those which are quite familiar to we.

These terms like DDOS attack, spyware, malware. Brute force password attack aren’t a strange kind of jargons to most of us as they have become all too usual terms in our various circles and information sources. However we need to be aware that these words are not a specialty term for some selected few or some kind of magic but reckon the fact that these are real threats we stand exposed t in this cyber connected world we are in today.

And these are the reasons why you need to have your wits and attention all attuned to glean for something from the movie ‘Mr. Robot’. Truly, this show is one which subtly and precisely tells all that one would wish to know about the hacking tradition. And as a matter of truth, we have so much that we can learn about cyber security when we have an analysis of the movie.

We are learning as the first lesson on cyber security that cyber security begins with you. This movie quite clearly depicts the lesson that the first source of the security for cyber ware starts with people and ends with machines such as the computers.

For this reason, you will need to have yourself and the staff you will be working with, taking an example of a person who is just getting into business and happens to e knowledgeable on SEO operations and matters and has staff or even if they are on their own, get to educate themselves and such employees, if they be, of the potent threats that they stand exposed to as a result of having a cyber presence.

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